1 oz. Scent Refills for Leather Freshies

1 oz. Scent Refills for Leather Freshies

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1 oz. spray bottles with scent refills for leather freshies.

Scent Description:

Amazing Grace

Relaxing leather blend with hits of wild lavender.

Cactus Blossom

A floral bouquet of cactus blossom, lily, and rose. Inspired by BBW Cactus Blossom.


The perfect mix of leather and masculine cologne.


Smooth white santal, cedarwood, and sandalwood with hints of edgy green notes.

Killer Queen

A beautifully bold floral fragrance with notes of plum, red velvet flower, tempting jasmine, and dark patchouli.


The classic scent of fresh tanned leather enhanced with a massage of summer saddle soap.


Manly notes with a blend of freshly tanned leather.


Strawberry Leather

Freshly tanned leather with notes of homegrown strawberries.