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Beard Oil

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**Our oils will promote hair growth, prevent/reduce skin irritation, beard itch, increase mental clarity, and helps prevent acne.**

Whiskey Cedar: In life there are only a few things that can always satisfy a man and two of those things are whiskey and wood. We have carefully crafted the two to give your beard the satisfaction it deserves. Sit back, grab a glass and pour your self a stiff drink of some nice cedar barrel aged whiskey or better yet, grab a glass and a bottle of beard oil and have the best of both worlds. We can guarantee you and your significant other with both benefit from this warm, established, woodsy, whiskey aged beard oil.

Eagles Breath: Breathe in the bounty of the backwoods! Formulated with pine and cedarwood oils, the invigorating scent of our premium Eagle's Breath beard conditioner ideally captures the essence of the today's adventuring outdoorsman. Tame scruffy whiskers and treat your senses to a beard grooming experience inspired by the wonder of wilderness.

Grind: It's time to rise and grind! Aromatically enhanced with a perky punch of coffee, the sophisticated scent of this beard oil softly stimulates the senses. The ideal pick for morning beard grooming rituals, our energizing Grind conditioner rapidly relieves grogginess in order to keep you focused on the grind and your eye on the prize.

1742: 1742 Tobacco Vanilla Beard Oil Blend is inspired deep in the mountains core by the hard working coal miners here in West Virginia. The name originates back to 1742 when coal mining was first introduced to the state of West Virginia. The idea of blending the mild tobacco leaf with a sweet hint of vanilla came from a close friend who works directly in the coal mines of West Virginia. We've experimented for the past few years to create a blend that is refined and mixed to perfection. Let your beard experience what hard work and dedication feels like! Like our hard working friends in the coal mines, enjoy one of our longest lasting beard oil scents from our collection!

GritA bottle of Grit is the perfect pick for your beard grooming kit. We've blended a dose of sandalwood with a hint of cedarwood to create a beard oil that's handmade to perfection. The oil conditions your scruff to prevent the shaggies but also leaves behind a brawny scent.  Its a wrangler of sorts, herding wild hairs like cattle in a field.